Adding/Upgrading On-Premises License

If you have an on-premises Sysdig Monitor install, you may need to upgrade your license to enable new features. Upgrading the license is performed through the same management server interface that was used for the initial on-premise install procedure. This guide describes the steps to follow once your Sysdig representative has confirmed changes have been made to your license configuration and you're ready to proceed with the upgrade. The steps vary based on whether your environment is an airgapped install.


Non-Airgapped Environments

1. In the management server interface, navigate to the  page under the  pull-down. Then click the  button.

2. For the upgraded license to take effect, the Sysdig Monitor application must be restarted. This is a two-step process under the  tab. First click the  button. Status messages will indicate services are stopping.

3. Now click the  button.

Your upgraded license is now active.


Airgapped Environments

When your Sysdig representative has confirmed changes have been made to your license configuration, you will receive an updated license with an *.rli extension. Once you've saved this file locally, complete the steps below.

1. To verify your current license setting, navigate to the  page under the  pull-down. 

2. Note the pathname to the License File shown.

3. Copy your rli license file up to the host that runs your management server interface, such as via SCP. Replace the <mgmt-server-ip> below with the IP address of that host.

you@your-laptop:~# scp new_license.rli root@<mgmt-server-ip>:/var/tmp/license.rli

4. Login to the management server host, such as via SSH. Copy your rli to replace the old one.

root@mgmt-server:~# cp /tmp/new_license.rli /var/tmp/license.rli

5. Follow the instructions to resync and restart the Sysdig Monitor application as described in the Non-Airgapped section above.


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