Configuration Map Updates For v540

In order to upgrade to the Kubernetes version of Sysdig Monitor v540, a config map object needs to be added.

Please look at the relevant guides for Cassandra/Redis authentication support as well as Google OAuth support in order to set the parameters to the correct values. The values specified here are default values. 


Get the current configuration (you can use also a versioned one if you have it):

kubectl get configmap sysdigcloud-config --namespace sysdigcloud -o yaml > current_config.yaml
cp current_config.yaml new_config.yaml

Or edit the config map inline:

kubectl edit configmap/sysdigcloud-config --namespace sysdigcloud

Either editing new_config.yaml or editing inline, add the new parameters for the Cassandra and Redis Authentication alongside existing config under “data”:

# Optional: enable or disable cassandra authentication and authorization in sysdigcloud cassandra image, if you want to enable it, make sure to follow the support guide in the official sysdigcloud documentation "false"
# Optional: Cassandra user
cassandra.user: ""
# Optional: Cassandra password
cassandra.password: ""
# Optional: Redis password
redis.password: ""
# Optional: Sysdig Cloud Google OAuth Client ID ""
# Optional: Sysdig Cloud Google OAuth Client Secret ""

Lastly, if you copied and edited the new_config.yaml file, apply the new config file with:

kubectl replace -f new_config.yaml --namespace sysdigcloud


Once this step is complete follow the instructions as described here Sysdigcloud-Kubernetes_Updates


Authentication for Redis and Cassandra

Users switching to using authentication support for Redis and Cassandra need to perform an additional set of steps.  Update the redis and cassandra manifests to get the latest images:


This step updates the Redis manifest to use the custom Sysdig Redis image, we had previously used the Dockerhub image:

kubectl replace -f datastores/as_kubernetes_pods/manifests/redis.yaml --namespace sysdigcloud

Pull the image and restart Redis:

kubectl patch deployment sysdigcloud-redis -p "{\"spec\":{\"template\":{\"metadata\":{\"labels\":{\"date\":\"`date +'%s'`\"}}}}}" --namespace sysdigcloud


Modify datastores/as_kubernetes_pods/manifests/cassandra.yaml and add the following

imagePullPolicy: Always

to the container section of the manifest. This change will ensure that Cassandra will get upgraded to the most recent version Cassandra image.

kubectl replace -f datastores/as_kubernetes_pods/manifests/cassandra.yaml --namespace sysdigcloud

kubectl patch deployment sysdigcloud-cassandra -p "{\"spec\":{\"template\":{\"metadata\":{\"labels\":{\"date\":\"`date +'%s'`\"}}}}}" --namespace sysdigcloud

Please note that you may need to redo this step for each Cassandra deployment you have for SysdigCloud (as described here: Datastores_As_Kubernetes_Pods )


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