What's New? Sysdig Monitor Changelog (on-premise)

  • Jul 11, 2017

    Release 575

    • SAML authentication: Sysdig Monitor now supports SAML 2.0 as the authentication provider.
    • Sysdig Captures: It is now possible to use Cassandra as storage for Sysdig captures instead of S3.
    • Charts: Time series charts now support customization, you can decide between fixed (as it was now) or dynamic range; linear, logarithmic or exponential scale and also show multiple axes when visualizing multiple metrics.
    • Various bugfixes and improvements.
  • May 25, 2017

    Release 574

    Release 574 of Sysdig Monitor was released May 25 and is a big uplift in functionality, performance, and management. We suggest all customers upgrade as soon as possible. Here are the most important features, categorized:

    Data, Visualization & UI improvements

    Dashboard re-design: Dashboards have received a significant functionality update. Highlights include: creating a blank dashboard, ability to modify dashboard scope, copy dashboards between teams, save/undo dashboard layouts and more.

    New time series charts/ legends/ event overlays: Dramatically improved experience working with time charts, their associated legends and event overlays.

    Docker Swarm support: Monitoring for environments managed by Docker Swarm. This includes metrics, metadata, and pre-built views.

    Percentiles (beta): Turn on up to 4 percentiles within the agent, on a per-agent basis.

    Suggest mode (opt in): Suggest mode cleans up your UI by hiding metrics and views that you are not collecting. This is an opt-in, per-user feature.

    Expose more than top 10 values: You will no longer be limited to seeing only the top 10 values in a table. You can see all values by paginating through the table.

    Wildcards to specify scope in Alerts and Dashboards: Now you can use operators such as 'in' , 'not in', 'contains', 'does not contain' and 'starts with' to set your scope in a flexible manner.

    Alerting Improvements

    New alerting workflow: We've simplified the alert UI to allow you to create well-tuned alerts faster.

    Alert on events (beta): Alerts may now be triggered off of an event, in addition to a metric value.

    Speed and Performance Improvements

    Accelerated Dashboards/Explore: We've refactored the frontend application to respond up to 10x faster when loading data.

    Accelerated API: We've optimized query handling within the API to more efficiently handle large queries.

    Administration Improvements

    LDAP with auto-migration: Sysdig Monitor supports integration with LDAP and can now automatically synchronize LDAP and non-LDAP users.

    Teams improvements: You can now define the default team where unassigned users will automatically be placed. The new 'Admin Team' replaces the old 'Default Team'.

    Metric filtering: You can now include or exclude certain metrics to avoid hitting metric limits.

    Disable agent installation for non-admin users: Admins can now have the choice to prevent non-admin users from installing agents by hiding the default access key.

    Multiple access keys: For users who need to regularly expire access keys, agents can now accept multiple keys. This simplifies the process of expiring an older key and rotating to a new one.

    ElasticSearch 5.1.1 migration: Increased performance for event storage.

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