Sysdig Monitor Changelogs (On-prem)

  • August 24, 2017

    Release 634

    We have some exciting features released and below is a list of the most important features:

    Entire infrastructure

    Explore feature is updated with a new row at the top labeled as ‘Entire Infrastructure’. This row will provide a global view of your infrastructure and the corresponding drilldown will provide a pre-built dashboard with the relevant scope.

    Introducing OpenID support

    Customers can now use OpenID to access Sysdig Monitor via SSO. On the login screen click on the OpenID icon before entering the username and password. This will redirect the authentication to the chosen OpenID provider and grant you access upon validation. Please refer to the OpenID customer docs for more details.

    Customizable alert notifications

    Now you can customize your messages for email, Slack and AWS SNS alert notification channels. Both the subject and the body of your message can be tailored to suit your requirements. The subject will contain the name and state of the alert along with an optional text string. In the body of the notification you can now add custom information such as steps to execute when an event happens with links to relevant scripts. The body also has a default template that contains detailed information such as the metric, threshold, scope and segment on which the event was triggered, trigger conditions and current value, along with link to 'Explore event' that takes you back in time when the alert triggered to allow further debugging. img

    Agent Summary dashboard

    Now you can access the prebuilt agent dashboard by viewing the ‘Sysdig Agent Summary’ under ‘Default dashboards’. This dashboard provides you insights - agent version, container counts and agent counts - for all Sysdig agents across your infrastructure and per team. img

    Advanced dashboard scope

    We have introduced advanced operators ‘in’ and ‘not in’ to match a list of variables while setting the scope to create dashboards.For eg: 1. in 'prod, dev' 2. host.ip.public not in ',,'.

    Flexible and Secure On Premises Deployment

    • Cassandra SSL: Encryption is enabled for Cassandra internodes and client communications ensuring improved security on the backend.
    • Securing Sensitive Data (Kubernetes): Users will have the ability to store credentials in the Sysdig configuration as Kubernetes secrets.
    • Cassandra CQL port: Users now have the flexibility to customize the Cassandra CQL native clients port.
  • Jul 11, 2017

    Release 591

    • SAML authentication: Sysdig Monitor now supports SAML 2.0 as the authentication provider.
    • Sysdig Captures: It is now possible to use Cassandra as storage for Sysdig captures instead of S3.
    • Charts: Time series charts now support customization, you can decide between fixed (as it was now) or dynamic range; linear, logarithmic or exponential scale and also show multiple axes when visualizing multiple metrics.
    • Various bugfixes and improvements.
  • May 25, 2017

    Release 574

    Release 574 of Sysdig Monitor was released May 25 and is a big uplift in functionality, performance, and management. We suggest all customers upgrade as soon as possible. Here are the most important features, categorized:

    Data, Visualization & UI improvements

    Dashboard re-design: Dashboards have received a significant functionality update. Highlights include: creating a blank dashboard, ability to modify dashboard scope, copy dashboards between teams, save/undo dashboard layouts and more.

    New time series charts/ legends/ event overlays: Dramatically improved experience working with time charts, their associated legends and event overlays.

    Docker Swarm support: Monitoring for environments managed by Docker Swarm. This includes metrics, metadata, and pre-built views.

    Percentiles (beta): Turn on up to 4 percentiles within the agent, on a per-agent basis.

    Suggest mode (opt in): Suggest mode cleans up your UI by hiding metrics and views that you are not collecting. This is an opt-in, per-user feature.

    Expose more than top 10 values: You will no longer be limited to seeing only the top 10 values in a table. You can see all values by paginating through the table.

    Wildcards to specify scope in Alerts and Dashboards: Now you can use operators such as 'in' , 'not in', 'contains', 'does not contain' and 'starts with' to set your scope in a flexible manner.

    Alerting Improvements

    New alerting workflow: We've simplified the alert UI to allow you to create well-tuned alerts faster.

    Alert on events (beta): Alerts may now be triggered off of an event, in addition to a metric value.

    Speed and Performance Improvements

    Accelerated Dashboards/Explore: We've refactored the frontend application to respond up to 10x faster when loading data.

    Accelerated API: We've optimized query handling within the API to more efficiently handle large queries.

    Administration Improvements

    LDAP with auto-migration: Sysdig Monitor supports integration with LDAP and can now automatically synchronize LDAP and non-LDAP users.

    Teams improvements: You can now define the default team where unassigned users will automatically be placed. The new 'Admin Team' replaces the old 'Default Team'.

    Metric filtering: You can now include or exclude certain metrics to avoid hitting metric limits.

    Disable agent installation for non-admin users: Admins can now have the choice to prevent non-admin users from installing agents by hiding the default access key.

    Multiple access keys: For users who need to regularly expire access keys, agents can now accept multiple keys. This simplifies the process of expiring an older key and rotating to a new one.

    ElasticSearch 5.1.1 migration: Increased performance for event storage.

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