Locating the "Super" Admin User

There may be many users with Admin rights in your On-Premise install of Sysdig Monitor. However, there are a few configuration changes that can only be completed by the one Admin user that was created at initial install time (a "Super" Admin user). Unfortunately, the Sysdig Monitor web interface does not currently provide a way to identify which Admin user this is.

If you are an Admin user attempting to use the REST API to make a configuration change and it fails due to insufficient privileges, you will need to locate this "Super" Admin user so the configuration can be completed via the API using their token. If you don't know offhand which user this is, you can use the API to locate them.

Here are two approaches:

1. Access the API endpoint to list users directly via curl and parse the JSON output to locate the user with "ROLE_ADMIN" listed in the "roles" section.

# curl -k \
    -H 'Authorization: Bearer xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-aaaa-bbbbbbbbbbbb' \
    https://<your-sysdig-monitor-hostname>/api/users \
    | python -m json.tool


    "users": [
            "roles": [
             "username": "[email protected]"


2. Use this example Python script that leverages the Sysdig Monitor API.

export SDC_SSL_VERIFY="false"
export SDC_URL="https://<your-sysdig-monitor-hostname>"
# python list_admins.py xxxxxxxx-yyyy-zzzz-aaaa-bbbbbbbbbbbb


Admin users
[email protected]
[email protected]

Super Admins
[email protected]

As with any user, you can then obtain this user's API token when logged in as that user in the web UI, navigating to the Settings > User Profile page, and look under the Sysdig Monitor API section.


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