ADFS Configuration

ADFS server can use Active Directory data to give access via SAML. SysdigCloud supports it. To configure SysdigCloud backend, only the metadata is needed. They are usually automatically exposed from ADFS in http://YOUR_ADFS_SERVER/FederationMetadata/2007-06/FederationMetadata.xml

The steps to configure the IDP are the same of this guide

In short:

  1. Verify service URL
  2. Add Relying Party Configuration for SysdigCloud backend
    1. configure the URL to trust, like https://YOUR_SYSDIG_CLOUD_BACKEND
    2. add an endpoint for POST to the SAML Assertion Consumer, e.g. https://YOUR_SYSDIG_CLOUD_BACKEND/api/saml/auth
  3. Set up Relying Party claims with email address
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