Configuration Map Updates For v699

The following configmap parameters must be added via Kubernetes for Sysdig Monitor users, in order to upgrade to v699.

Note: This article assumes that you are currently running Sysdig Monitor v658 or later.

To configure the configmap changes:

  1. Either retrieve the current configuration (or a versioned configuration if available), or edit the configmap inline:

    Warning: Only complete one of these options.

    • Retrieve the current configuration:

      sysdig@host:~$ kubectl get configmap sysdigcloud-config --namespace sysdigcloud -o yaml > current_config.yaml
      cp current_config.yaml new_config.yaml
    • Edit the config map inline:

      sysdig@host:~$ kubectl edit configmap/sysdigcloud-config --namespace sysdigcloud
  2. Open new_config.yaml in a text editor and add the following parameters beneath "data":

    # Required: Restrict password login to default user
    # Force all non-default users to login using the configured IdP
    sysdigcloud.restrict.password.login: "false"
  3. Apply the new config file:

    sysdig@host:~$ kubectl replace -f new_config.yaml --namespace sysdigcloud

Once the steps above are complete, refer to the following instructions to complete the upgrade to v699:

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