Upgrading an Airgap License (Replicated)

If you are running an Airgaped environment, you may receive a new license file that reflects revised settings for your environment, such as increased Agent count or extended expiration date. To install the updated license file, follow the steps below.

  1. Review the current Airgapped settings in the Console Settings pull-down, which can be found in the upper-right of the management console.

    If you followed the original On-Premises Install Guide, your current RLI license file will be in the /var/tmp/sysdig directory as shown below. The name of your RLI file will vary.

  2. From the Linux shell, cd to the directory shown as the Update Path and replace your prior RLI license file with the new one, saving the prior one to a backup filename. Your new license file may have a different name than the prior one, and may have a non-RLI extension if it was sent to you as an email attachment (to avoid being removed by firewalls). The steps below are an example of renaming the license as necessary for the environment shown above (your filenames will vary).

    /var/tmp/sysdig# mv my-replicated-license.rli prior-replicated-license-1.rli
    /var/tmp/sysdig# mv newer-license.allow my-replicated-license.rli

  3. To make the console recognize the new license, navigate to the View License pull-down and click the Sync License button.

  4. You will need to restart the Sysdig application for license terms to come into effect, such as updated Agent counts. This can be done by navigating to Dashboard on the pull-down menu and clicking the Stop Now button followed by the Start Now button.

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