What are the host requirements for agent installation?



The following distributions are supported:

  • Amazon Linux: any version available from AWS Marketplace
  • CentOS: 6.0+
  • CoreOS: 591.0.0+
  • Debian: 6.0+
  • Fedora: 13+
  • RHEL: 6.0+
  • Ubuntu: 10.04+


Network connection

The Sysdig agent needs to be able to connect to the Sysdig Monitor backend servers to report data.  The agent must be able to reach collector.sysdigcloud.com (multiple IPs) over port tcp/6666 default. If needed, see the FAQ on changing the agent's port number


Access key

The installation of the Sysdig agent requires an access key. This key and the agent installation instructions are presented to you after activating your account and using a web based wizard upon initial login.  The same information can also be found in the Settings > Agent Installation menu. Please contact support@sysdig.com if you have any problems.


Kernel & Kernel Headers

Kernel header files for the running kernel need to be installed for the Sysdig Agent to install successfully.  Only officially released kernels from the distributions listed above are supported. See this FAQ on installing header files if they are missing.

Some cloud hosting service providers supply pre-configured Linux instances with customized kernels. You may need to contact your provider's support desk for instructions on obtaining appropriate header files, or installing the distribution's default kernel.


TracePoints Support

All supported distribution released kernels have this support but if creating a custom kernel, it must support the following options:



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