How to make the agent connect over port 80

While the default connection port for the Sysdig agent is tcp/6666 (encrypted in SaaS), this may impose a limit or delay testing in some companies with strict security policies.   

You can optionally configure the agent to communicate with Sysdig Monitor back-end servers over port tcp/80 with the following parameter in the agent user settings configuration file /opt/draios/etc/dragent.yaml:

collector_port: 80


Append the parameter to the containerized agent's dragent.yaml file with:

docker exec -it sysdig-agent bash 
echo collector_port: 80 >> /opt/draios/etc/dragent.yaml

then restart the sysdig-agent container with

docker restart sysdig-agent

For a native agent installation use only the above `echo` command then:

service dragent restart


For more information editing a container agent's configuration file, see this FAQ: How-can-I-edit-the-agent-configuration-file

Once the agent is restarted, it will communicate over port 80 and SSL will continue to be used as it was with the default port 6666.


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