Why can't I see any metrics after installing the agent?

If you successfully installed the Sysdig agent into your host/instance but are not seeing performance metrics about them after you login to the web interface, you should first confirm that you have not exceeded your agent license count (Settings > Subscription tab).  You should then check for any proxy, firewall, host security policies preventing proper agent communication to the Sysdig Monitor backend infrastructure.

License Count Check:
If network connectivity is good, the agent will always be allowed to connect to our backend but will be disconnected after a few seconds if the license count has been exceeded. Be sure to check that you are not over-subscribed:


For Network Policy:
Please verify in your service provider VPC security groups, that network ACLs are set to allow the agent's outbound traffic over TCP port 6666. See this FAQ to use port 80 instead if the default port number cannot be used.

Due to the distributed nature of the Sysdig Monitor infrastructure, the agent must be open for outbound connections to collector.sysdigcloud.com on all outbound IP addresses. Please reference Amazon’s public IP ranges file to see all the potential IP addresses the Sysdig agent may use in communicating with our backend databases:


While completely transparent proxies should work, non-transparent proxies (HTTP Proxies) will prevent proper communication.  You can troubleshoot basic connectivity from the Sysdig agent on your host to our backend with:

ping collector.sysdigcloud.com
telnet collector.sysdigcloud.com 6666   ;should reply 'connected'

When running on an AWS instance, access to the following AWS metadata endpoint is also needed:   AWS metadata is used for gathering information about the instance itself, such as instance id, public IP address and etc.


For Local Host Policy:
The agent requires access to the following local system resources in order to gather metrics:

  • Read/Write access to /dev/sysdig* devices.
  • Read access to all the files under /proc file system.
  • For container support, the Docker API endpoint /var/run/docker.sock

If any settings or firewall modifications are made, you may need to restart the agent service. In a shell on the affected instances issue the following command:

sudo service dragent restart


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