Why can't I see (Amazon RDS) PostgreSQL metrics?

When your PostgreSQL database has been optionally configured to use SSL security, the Sysdig agent will not be able to collect metrics for reporting on the web interface.  Amazon PostgreSQL RDS instances utilize SSL protocol encryption by default.  

In order for the Sysdig agent to have PostgreSQL visibility, SSL must be disabled. Although typically this traffic is secured behind firewalls, you should verify if disabling SSL entails any security issues for your infrastructure.


The two recommended actions are:
(AWS Examples)

1) Disable SSL on the server side: This can be done by setting the "ssl" configuration parameter to "0" (the parameter can be changed in the "Parameter Group" section of the RDS console).  Unfortunately, AWS documentation states that this parameter can just be changed at database start time, so this might not be very convenient.


2) Disable SSL on the client side:  This usually involves appending "ssl=disable" to the connection string in the client code, the technical details can vary according to the specific driver, so you will need to do research for your specific version.  For example, with psql version 9.4.0, the command line would look similar to:

    psql "postgresql://root@mydatabase2.cj3wzscjzdo0.us-east-1.rds.amazonaws.com:5432/postgres?sslmode=disable"



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