How can I see remote file system metrics in the views?

To enable remote file systems reporting (NFS, CIFS, SSHFS, etc.) in your instance/host simply edit the following file as superuser:


and append the file with the following line:

remotefs: true


You will then need to restart the Sysdig agent at the command line with:

sudo service dragent restart


Note: By default metrics reporting for remote file systems is disabled since polling extremely large NFS volumes can take several seconds - potentially putting a bigger load on the remote file system than desired.

Your agent version must be at revision 0.1.112 or above in order for remote file system properties to be collected. Please see the installation user guide entry on upgrading the Sysdig agent.


For more information on adding parameters to a container agent's configuration file, see the FAQ: How-can-I-edit-the-agents-configuration-file?

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