Sysdig Cloud is a SaaS monitoring, troubleshooting, and alerting suite offering deep visibility and simple, powerful dashboards and alerts.  Sysdig Cloud is based on open source sysdig technology - it’s designed from the ground up to provide deep, process-level visibility into dynamic, distributed production environments in the datacenter and cloud.  Sysdig Cloud captures, correlates, and visualizes data from across every layer of your stack in order to provide you a single pane of glass to monitor your system.  The solution can be deployed in minutes with no configuration or plugins needed - it just works out of the box.


Feature Summary

Sysdig Cloud’s features can be roughly divided into three different use cases:

  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Alerting



Ten-second granularity data streaming

  • Sysdig Cloud offers an up to the second view of your system metrics. Be the first to know when performance issues occur anywhere in your infrastructure.

AWS integration

  • Sysdig Cloud integrates Amazon CloudWatch metrics into your views and dashboards, allowing you to explore data from AWS services like RDS, EC2 and ELB. View your AWS metrics alongside your existing Sysdig Cloud data.

Container support

  • Sysdig Cloud provides deep visibility inside containers from outside the containers - no need to instrument the container itself.  Monitor individual containers and groups of containers with full context of how they are interacting with different components in your infrastructure.

Topology map

  • View any metric as a map to understand how data flows across your infrastructure. Get a distributed map generated with no configuration required to visually analyze infrastructure data.

Application visibility

  • Get visibility into metrics like numbers of HTTP requests, Response times vs resource usage, and JMX. Get visibility into application metrics without needing to instrument the application code.

Tagging hierarchies

  • Logically group your infrastructure by leveraging our built-in tagging and hierarchy capabilities. Automatically pull in your AWS tags and group your infrastructure into hierarchies up to 3 levels deep on the Host views. Grouping trickles down through all features in the app: it makes the app scalable (lots of nodes can still be organized in a hierarchy) and allows the app to react automatically to dynamic environments (nodes come and go, but groups stay the same).


  • Easily pin any chart, table, or map to a dashboard with two clicks to view your organization’s KPIs. Keep tabs on the metrics that matter the most to your business. Customize metrics panel layout and group into hierarchies up to 5 levels deep.



Automatic anomaly detection

  • Sysdig Cloud continually self-learns and baselines normal system behavior and can alert when any metric’s performance is abnormal. Be automatically notified the instant performance degrades anywhere inside your environment - even places you didn’t even know you should be monitoring.

One-click configuration

  • Create alerts with a click of the button from any chart or table throughout the product. Sysdig Cloud’s unique top-down perspective makes it super simple to create robust, dynamic alerts on any area of your infrastructure - in a way that naturally fits your actual workflow.

 Deep metric alerting

  • Sysdig Cloud offers unprecedented depth and flexibility for traditional threshold based alerting. Users can define alerts on everything from database queries to network ports to container images to http status codes. All this in one unified and easy to use interface.

Full alert context

  • When you do get a notification, Sysdig Cloud immediately provides you with the full context of everything that was happening across your entire system at the point in time of the alert. Root cause analysis has never been easier.



Deep system metrics

  • Sysdig Cloud automatically captures, processes, and correlates deep process-level metrics from across your infrastructure. Understand activity across your infrastructure and zero in on root cause quickly.

Top down, holistic view

  • Built on the deep metrics we collect from across your infrastructure every second, Sysdig Cloud provides a top down view of your environment with the ability to quickly drill down to the area you are interested in. Visual representations of infrastructure allow you to understand the fundamental behavior and architecture of your environment in a way that can inform troubleshooting, capacity planning, performance optimization, and a variety of other operations activities.

Historical replay

  • Pause, rewind, and fast-forward your system’s historical data to go back in time and view your system’s health. Troubleshoot past performance issues with the same deep visibility and one-second granularity to uncover root cause fast.

Compare timeframes

  • Compare two different points in time side by side to view how performance improved or degraded over the 2 different timeframes. Understand the factors contributing to performance improvements or degradations.

sysdig capture

  • Sysdig Cloud has a native integration with our open source sysdig technology, enabling users to analyze all activity on a particular host over a given timeframe. Get 100% granularity and full visibility into any machine and export for easy analysis with the command line tool.


Sysdig Monitor Spotlight

The Spotlight feature provides users with an overview of the current state of the customer environment, including new updates, metric limits, and the status of any existing integrations.

Note: Spotlight is currently only available for new customers.

To open spotlight:

  1. Click the Spotlight (target) icon beside the user menu.


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