Best Practices

There are four fundamental steps that should be followed when first logging in. These steps will guarantee a smooth rollout and allow maximum value from your Sysdig Monitor account:


  • Define Your Grouping Hierarchy
  • Learn The Explore tab
  • Create A Dashboard
  • Create Alerts


Define Your Grouping Hierarchy

The first time you log in, the Sysdig Monitor Explore interface shows a flat list of instances in the default Overview window. In a matter of a couple of clicks, you can use the “Group by” function to create a much more intuitive and logical view that you can use as the entry point for all other product features. You can group your instances based on tags that you define when installing the Sysdig agent or on already defined cloud provider tags.


Learn the Explore Tab

Host Views

The Explore tab lists your entire infrastructure hierarchically via a selection of at-a-glance host views.  Here you can also start your AWS monitoring if you’ve integrated Sysdig Monitor to your AWS account. 



Explore View Selection

Simply hover over the view menu icon in the upper left hand corner of the Explore tab to see the different Servers and AWS views available to you:



For more information on the Explore View Selector, visit the Explore tab page. 

Drill Down Views

Click on the ‘Display’ pull-down menu in any drill-down view that appears when you select any instance, group or container from a Host view’s hostname list.  You will find an extremely rich selection of built-in views and metrics that can be visualized for the selected entity, covering the infrastructure, network, and applications:


For more information about the built in views, visit our Built-In Views section.


Time Navigation

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the time navigation panel, which allows you to observe your infrastructure at any point in time.

Use the Time Navigation Panel to select real-time display of host metrics or historical views.  You can ‘step through’ time and compare current data to historical data. 




Create A Dashboard 

Creating dashboards is intuitive and easy with Sysdig Monitor - as you explore your infrastructure, just click on the pin icon to make any view, table, chart, or map you’re seeing permanently available in a new or existing dashboard.



For more information about creating dashboards, visit our Dashboard Tab page. 

Create Alerts

Creating alerts in Sysdig Monitor is just as intuitive and easy as creating dashboards!  While navigating anywhere in the Explore tab, simply click the bell icon next to any view, table, chart, or map and Sysdig Monitor will pre-populate the information and any segmentation you have for that particular view into the alert. 


Select the type of alert - either Uptime, Metric, Event, Anomaly or Group Outlier. We'll create a time-series metric alert in this example.



You can create a manual threshold alert, an automatic baseline alert, or a host comparison alert with just a few clicks.

To learn more about alerts, visit the Alerts Tab page. 

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