Drill-down Views

Select a host or group from any hosts or service provider top-level view to open a subview window detailing specific metrics for that host or group. A large selection of subviews with additional metrics can be chosen from the ‘Display’ menu:



Use the 'Display' menu button and scroll through the entire list of multi-panel and single panel 'metrics' views.  Hover your mouse pointer over the ‘i’ informational tooltip icon on the right of each view title to get a quick description of the subview features.  You can also use the search magnifier icon to enter a metric to look for (SQL, jvm, memory, etc.) and all views with the search string in their title will display. Statsd metrics will also appear in this list if available in your environment.


Zoom Control

Any view displaying a strip chart can be zoomed by left-clicking and dragging over the portion of the strip chart you want to zoom. You can also zoom in and out of the strip chart by using ‘+’ and ‘-‘ icons in the upper right corner of each panel.   

Here is an example of the multi-panel subview Network Traffic Overview:


View Customization

Most of the subviews have additional customizations available to help you fine tune in the way you need to see your data.  You can view any metrics that Sysdig Monitor collects as a top-10 line chart, top-10 bar chart, number panel or map view.  See the top of any metric panel to change aggregation type (min/max/ave/rate), chart type, and segmentation.

Here is an example of the options available on the single panel metric view net.http.request.count:



Now here it that same metric view shown in map format with aggregation set to maximum and (for maps only) the link metric set to net.bytes.total with maximum values seen for the 4-minute timeframe:



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