Panel Control Buttons

Panel control buttons are available on the various top level Hosts views and drill-down sub-views.  The type of panel control button will differ slightly depending on the view and type of chart displayed. Here are all the buttons available and descriptions:




Create Alert 

The create alert button opens the New Alert configuration window.  In a top-level hosts view the bell can also be shaded indicating an alert has previously been created, in which case the ‘Configure Alerts’ window will open allowing you to review and modify the existing alert(s).

Sysdig Capture

Sysdig Monitor has a native integration with our open source sysdig technology, enabling users to initiate a sysdig capture which records all system call activity on a particular instance over the chosen time period. 

After selecting a host and clicking Sysdig Capture, the screen below will appear for you to fill out.  The example shown will create a trace file called ‘capture_all_httpd’ with 2 minutes of data filtered for httpd process system calls only.  The data file will reside in the Sysdig Monitor S3 bucket under your customer account:



Pin to Dashboard

Use ‘Pin to Dashboard’ to save a frequently used view and its configuration to a dashboard.  Enter the name of a new or existing dashboard to copy the selected panel to and either click ‘Pin and Open’ to copy the panel and go to your dashboard or, select ‘Pin IT’ to only copy the panel to your dashboard and remain on the current tab.  If there are existing dashboards, they will be listed as a pulldown menu under the name field.



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