Create A Dashboard

The most intuitive method to a create dashboard in Sysdig Cloud begins from the Explore tab.  As you explore your infrastructure from the top-level Hosts and Services views or any of the drill-down sub-views, find the push pin icon in the top right-hand corner of the view or panel (if multi-panel view)  and click it. Fill in the name of the dashboard you wish to create or choose from a list of existing boards then select either ‘Pin and Open’ to immediately go to the dashboard or just ‘Pin It’ to add the view to your dashboard while remaining on the Explore tab.

Here is the multi-panel subview "System Overview by Process" as shown on the Explore tab.  You can pin any or all of the panels to a dashboard:



Now to see your new dashboard, go to the Dashboards Tab.  Your dashboards will be sorted in the dashboard menu on the left and the first one listed will automatically be displayed. 

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