This document introduces the Sysdig Monitor REST API, which offers all of the functionality of the Sysdig Monitor app over a public API. 

Please note: the API is still in beta, and is not fully documented. We recommend you also review the simple, intuitive Sysdig Monitor python client. Alternatively, if you have questions on any REST API functionality that has not been documented yet, please contact, and we'll do our best to help!


We've published the documented API on GitBooks, so please reference it here:

We'll be adding more commands here shortly. 


Security Token

Issuing any API commands against the Sysdig Monitor servers requires the use of a unique security token. The Sysdig Monitor API token can be found on-line from the application's web interface. After logging in, navigate to the Settings > User Profile page and look under the Sysdig Monitor API window. The token consists of 5 hexadecimal numbers separated with hyphens, do not confuse the API token with the agent access key. The read-only token is generated by default by the server and is unique to each user listed in the customer account.

Note that some documentation will reference REST API endpoints that only the "super" Admin user can access. See the page on Locating the "Super" Admin User for guidance on confirming which of your users is the "super" Admin and hence obtaining the correct API token.

Resetting the token

You can create a new API token by clicking the Reset Token button. When reset, the previous token issued will immediately become invalid and you will need to make appropriate changes to your programs or scripts.




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