Your Profile and Password

The Profile tab is where you will find your user account name, agent access key and the total number of agents in use and licensed to connect to the service concurrently. Use this tab to change your password by entering your existing one, then your new password (twice) and clicking the 'Change Password' button at the bottom of the window.

From the Navigation Bar choose the Settings button (gear icon) and go to the Profile tab to make any changes.

The agent access key is unique per organization and is used identify the host and enable the reporting of metrics to the correct Sysdig Monitor online account. It should be kept confidential.

The 'Your Agents' counter will change depending on how many hosts are connected at any given time. You are allowed to install the agent on any number of hosts with the understanding that only the licensed number of agents will be allowed to connect. When the limit is reached, any additional agents will be rejected until an existing agent connection is closed. Agents are allowed to connect in a 'first-come first-served' basis.


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