Setting Up Notification Channels

Sysdig Monitor's robust alerting functionality allows you to be notified through several channels when an alert is triggered. In addition to seeing notifications about alerts on the Alerting tab, configure your account to send notifications via email, SNS, Slack or PagerDuty integrations.  Multiple similar channels are allowed.

From the Navigation Bar choose the Settings button (gear icon) and go to the Notifications tab.

To add a new channel configuration, click the My Channel plus icon and choose a channel from the drop-down then enter the configuration information required.  



For SNS notification, you can click the 'help' button for tips on setting up your SNS topic. You will need to allow publishing rights to the Sysdig Monitor account ID: 273107874544. This can be done by creating a new policy on your SNS topic in AWS Console as shown in the below images:

1) Select "Edit topic policy" as shown below from "Other topic actions"


2) In "Basic view" tab of "Edit topic policy" dialog, select "Only these AWS users" from the publisher's list and enter the Sysdig ID.


For Email Notifications, you can click on the add channels and enter the Recipients and Name for that channel.

For PagerDuty integration, you should have a PagerDuty account setup in advance.  You will be prompted for your Pagerduty account information and service category. For more detail on integrating PagerDuty, please see the following document: PagerDuty Integration For Alerts

For Slack integration, you will be prompted to login to your Slack account and select an appropriate channel.   See our Slack integration guide for more information: Sysdig Monitor Slack Integration.


To temporarily disable any existing notification channel simply click the slider next to the integration and it will be turned off.  To remove the integration permanently, select 'Edit' and 'Delete Channel'.

Test a Notification Channel

Sysdig Monitor allows users to test a configured notification channel from the interface, to ensure that the notification channel works.

To test a notification channel:

  1. Navigate to the Settings > Notifications page of Sysdig Monitor.
  2. Optional: Create a notification channel. For more information, refer to the instructions earlier in this article.
  3. Click the Test link beside the configured channel to send a test notification.

Note: If a notification is not received within 10 minutes, the notification channel is not working, and the configuration should be reviewed. 


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