Configuring Sysdig Capture Storage

The Sysdig Capture facility allows you to record detailed system trace data via remote connection from any of your agent installed hosts.  By default this data will be stored on Sysdig Monitor's secure Amazon S3 storage location but you also have the option to choose your own S3 storage bucket.  


AWS integration will also be required as described here:

CloudWatch integration, however, is not required.


From the Navigation Bar choose the Settings button (gear icon) and go to the Sysdig Storage tab to configure a custom storage bucket.  

Turn on custom storage by clicking the 'Use a custom S3 bucket' slide switch, then enter the name of the bucket only in name field below the switch.  Before sysdig trace files can be stored, you must create the bucket in your AWS account with an appropriate IAM policy.  Click on the 'expand' link as shown in the graphic for an example policy you can use with the bucket name chosen. 




If you have already enabled cloud-provider integration and have setup your IAM user and policy as outlined in our guide: Integrating-Your-Cloud-Provider, you will only need to add the four S3 items to the existing Action list:



Click the Save button to finish and confirm your configuration.  

From now on, the Sysdig Capture function (available on Explore Tab's Hosts views) will display a pull-down list you can use to choose either Sysdig Monitor storage or your own configured storage:



Note that the use of Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) may incur additional charges on your AWS account.


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