How do I change the administrator assignment?

When you first sign up for your Sysdig Monitor account, your account is by default created with administrator permissions.  As you add additional colleagues to your account, they are assigned regular user permission unless you promote them with your admin account. 

If you find that you would like to assign a different account the administrator role (a management-only account for example) you can easily do so.  The procedure to change the 'administrator' assignment in the Sysdig Monitor web interface can be done by inviting a new account, assigning it to be an administrator and then demoting the current administrator.

Here is the sequence of instructions using a new account '' as an example:

Create A New Account

Create the email account ( you want to use as the new administrator and then invite it from the web interface's Settings > User Management tab while logged in as your current administrator account.  After creating the new account, logout of the web interface.

Confirm The New Account

Check for new email for '' and follow the steps outlined in the email to accept the invitation. After filling out the user information the new account will be logged into the web interface.  Log out of the web interface.

Promote The New Account

Login again as the current administrator and, on the same User Management tab, promote the new '' account by selecting it and clicking the Administrator slider.

You now have two administrators.

Demote The Old Account

(Optional) To demote or remove the original administrator account, login as the new admin account '' and either turn off the Administrator slider for the original account or delete the original account by clicking the trashcan icon to the right of the account email address.

There will now be only one administrator account again.


This procedure can be done as often as desired and multiple administrator accounts are allowed. However, you must have at least one account enabled as administrator.

Also note that this changes permissions on your Sysdig web interface accounts only, the billing contact does not change with this procedure.  If you need to change the billing contact or billing methods please contact your account representative or send email to



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