Sysdig Monitor Python Client

The Sysdig Monitor python client acts as a wrapper around the Sysdig Monitor REST API. It exposes most of the REST API functionality as an easy to use and easy to install python interface.

pip install sdcclient

The repository includes a rich set of examples (in the examples subdir) that quickly address many use cases: everything from exporting metrics to creating dashboards and alerts. Here are a few one liner examples to get you started:

Resolve all alert notifications:

python <sysdig-token> <num-days-to-resolve>

Create a custom event:

python <sysdig-token> <name> [-d DESCRIPTION] [-s SEVERITY] [-c SCOPE] [-t TAGS] [-h]

Trigger a sysdig capture:

python <sysdig-token> hostname capture_name duration [filter]

See the Github repo for the code and full documentation.

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