Agent startup fails with "Trying to download precompiled module ... Download Failed" What does this mean?

The Sysdig agent setup process must create a probe specific to your exact Linux kernel build.  It can do this one of two ways:

  • The agent can build a kernel module from source for your kernel.
  • The agent can download a kernel module already built for your kernel.

If you see this message, BOTH of the above methods have failed.

The primary means to get working kernel modules is to install the kernel headers for your environment in accordance with the installation documents.


Specific scenarios:





First-time install

If this is a first-time setup, the solution nearly always to install the kernel modules. 

Additionally, installing the kernel headers is the right thing to do to future-proof your installs.  Distribution vendors do not provide build information for all of their kernel releases forever, and at some point in the future we may not be able to acquire the information to build kernels for your kernel.



Agent upgrade

Probably, in the past, the pre-compiled kernel modules worked for you, but now after time has passed, the information is not publicly provided and our automated build did not craft modules for your exact kernel version. 

However, it's possible that we haven't yet produced the module for your kernel (there can be a small delay), or that we made a mistake.  You might want to inquire with Sysdig  support with the full startup output if you believe you are running a current kernel for which packages remain publicly available.  If doing so, be sure to include the full exact URL that the setup procedure attempted to download from.



Platform that does not offer kernel headers

If this is an install on a platform for which the kernel headers are not available, such as the Google GKE "container-vm" image, or a CoreOS image, then the likely problem is either that the system does not have network access to download the appropriate module, or that the image has recently been released or updated, and we have not produced a precompiled module. 

After verifying that you have network access to the URL from that system, and that you are on a platform for which kernel headers are not available, you may want to contact Sysdig support with the full startup output.  If doing so, be sure to include the full exact URL that the setup procedure attempted to download from.





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