Proxy support in On-Premises installations


In release #760 and newer of the Sysdig platform back-end, an option is available to configure outgoing HTTP/HTTPS connections to be made via proxy. This has been tested and supports outgoing web connections that are necessary to support the following features:

  • Notification Channels
    • PagerDuty
    • Slack
    • Amazon SNS
    • VictorOps
    • OpsGenie
    • WebHook
  • Gathering of AWS CloudWatch data
  • Capture storage to an AWS S3 bucket

Proxied web connectivity to support authentication mechanisms (SAML. OpenID Connect, OAuth) are not supported at this time.


The proxy settings are configured via the JVM options passed to the Sysdig software components. If you already have JVM options configured, append these to your existing settings.

In a Replicated on-premises install, the JVM settings are in the admin console under the Settings tab. At the bottom of the screen, check the box to Show Advanced Settings to reveal the configuration option:

In a K8S-based on-premises install, set the sysdigcloud.jvm.options in the config.yaml used to set the ConfigMap:

# Optional: Sysdig Cloud application JVM options. For heavy load environments you'll need to tweak 
# the memory or garbage collection settings
sysdigcloud.jvm.options: ""


The following example JVM options string will forward all HTTP and HTTPS traffic via outgoing port 8888 on a proxy at hostname IP address may be specified instead of hostname. -Dhttp.proxyPort=8888 -Dhttps.proxyPort=8888


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